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The PAS II~III, developed by AnodizeUSA, is a rugged, easy to use, time and money saving apparatus which quickly allows you to process any anodizing project.

Why use the PAS II~III for Amperes Per square Foot (ASF) anodizing?  Easy  .......... 

  • No need for timely square footage calculations.
  • ASF anodizing is faster and more consistent than voltage anodizing.
  • Obtain substantial increases in productivity. 
  • Production of large batches of the same or similar parts will have more consistent results with ASF anodizing.
  • ASF anodizing has proven to provide better dye absorption in 50% less dye time.

PAS II~III in Operation

PAS II~III Drawing

Anodizing by ASF Paper

PAS II~III In Action

PAS II-III Instructional Movie

*Anodize by amps / square foot not voltage for faster and more consistent results
*For customers asking about “Calibration” of the PAS II~III units for their yearly aerospace requirements (ie. NADCAP) we are offering this service for the price of $200.00 through Luster-On Products Co. Inc., with your unit to be sent to the Anodize USA (Anodize USA, 114 Trellis Lane, Ladson, SC 29456) facility for servicing. Call Barbara Davis at Luster-On Products in Springfield (tel. 1-800-888-2541 ext. 104) or e-mail (bdavis@luster-on.com) and she will assign you a return authorization number and give you the proper shipping instructions.
Luster-On Products 54 Waltham Ave Springfield, MA 01109 1-800-888-2541, 413-739-2541, Fax 413-731-5549